Magic Shows
We provide fun filled jaw dropping quality entertainment for children and adults of
all ages. Ray's Magic specializes in close up illusions, card tricks, money magic,
and viewer interaction. With all of our shows we give a goody bag to each child
which will contain beginners magic tricks with instructions so each child can try and
master the tricks on their own. We will also teach each trick that is included in the
goody bag to each child. Also included is a Secret Club application which when
filled out and sent in the children will receive mailings from Ray with easy to do
magic tricks that they can take to school and teach to their friends.
Frequently asked questions:

How Long does a show last?:

Our shows provide roughly  45 minutes to an hour of amazement and fun for all of
your parties guests.

How far will you travel?:

We will travel all over Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York.

How much notice do you need before the show?:

We require at least one weeks notice, but would prefer two to three weeks notice.

What age group is the show for?:

Our shows will please everyone from children to adults. The show can be altered
for the age of the guests.

Do I need to provide anything for the show?:

No. We will bring everything that is needed to put on the show.

Is my child involved in the show?:

Yes. Your child will be involved in a few tricks in the show.